You can take a Torre Barre class with no equipment whatsoever, but if possible please bring the following:


Use a chair or something sturdy to hold onto, such as a kitchen side or window sill.

This is your ballet barre.

Click here if you’re interested in purchasing your own ballet barre to use at home (absolutely not essential!)

Barres are stationary and are used to support us as we train. We have one or two hands on the barre, to help with balance.



You also need 2 x small equal weights, ideally around 1kg.

You could use full water bottles, or tin cans, just make sure the weights are equal.

Click here to purchase 1kg dumbbells.

These weights do look small, but we focus on doing lots of repetitions in barre classes, so they start to feel very heavy by the end of a long song! Using light weights also helps us to focus on alignment and posture, and build toned, strong muscles.



Torre Barre classes involve floorwork so it is also useful to have a yoga mat if you aren’t comfortable lying on the floor.

Click here to purchase a thick, cushioned yoga mat.


Even if you don’t bring any other equipment to class, please bring water.

The classes are an hour long and there is plenty of time for quick water breaks between songs.

My favourite bottles are Chilly’s Bottles, click here to shop.


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